Friday, October 2, 2009

Depressed and pissed!

GOSH! what happened to my phone?!
the battery-EMPTY! the charger-SPOILT!
how am i supposed to get a new charger?!
the nearest town is like almost one hour's journey from my campus..
and the final exam is just around the corner..
like another week to go from now..
and i guess i won't be going out for the next two weeks till the exam's over..

how am i supposed to live without my mobile for two weeks?!!
damn it..
and what makes my day worse is the stupid flu..
gosh! i'll be sitting for the final examination in no time and yet i fell sick..
really hate myself for being so weak..

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Byebye holiday.. hello exam.. ;(

Another 5 hours to go and i'll be boarding the night bus back to pahang..
it's such a
sad thing isn't it?
i mean.. the final exam is just around the corner..

like two weeks to go from now..
and yet i was still in the holiday mood..
didn't even feel like touching my books..

why the heck did i bring all my books back that day huh?

i shouldn't have brought all the books back that day!
ishh!! now i havta bring 'em all back again!

and the holiday ended just like that..
haiz.. really wish that the holiday will be extended till like FOREVER!!

Friday, September 18, 2009



Tuesday, August 4, 2009

It's singing time again..!

Yup yup..
it's redbox time again..
it's already the third time since i came back to Penang..

let me present to you the four of us..
currently studying in three different states..
Pahang, Perak, and Malacca..
what do we share? the same holiday of course..
two of us, WL and I-campus closed because of H1N1..
both of them, ML and SY-having their mid-sem breaks..
it's such a coincident isn't it??

three of us, ML, WL and I holding mini traffic lights.. isn't it cute?? wakakaka..

OMG.. WL and SY got too "high" d.. can anyone pull them down..??

4, 3, 2, 1.. peculiar pose plus hand-made special effects.. cool huh?

since when the traffic lights transformed into lollipops huh? and look who's the bunny right now..

now that's what we call 38.. :p

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Closed?! H1N1?!

Another week of holiday?!
now here's the thing..
i was so bored sitting on the sofa watching movie just now..
then suddenly, a friend of mine sent me a message telling me that our college will be closed for one week due to H1N1..
then i was like.. hey.. don't try to bluff me okay..
i've already finished packing my bags and will be taking the bus back to Pahang tonight..
isn't it weird and unconvincing to tell me this at this moment??
minutes later.. i received another sms telling me the same thing..
then i was like.. okay.. this is creepy..
then i started calling almost everyone i know asking them the same thing..
and guess what?! it's TRUE! our college will be CLOSED for another week..
i've already confirmed it with the college..
wow.. never thought of this before..
i mean why didn't the college authorities publish this message in the newspaper or it's official website??
or was that just rumours? it shouldn't be.. i've ald called the college just now..
hmm.. or are they planning to replace the lessons in our next holiday?
anyway, who cares..? isn't it great to have another week of holiday?

Monday, July 27, 2009

It's pathetic..

there i stood.. at the counter..
waiting for the people in the queue to vanish one by one until it reaches my turn..
then a customer in front of me caught my attention..
most probably because of her or should i say his appearance..
spiky hair, trendy jacket, branded shoes..
a teenage girl or more like a tomboy waiting for the cashier to pack her stuffs up..
this reminds me of someone else who used to be my housemate but more like a stranger to me now..
oh well.. back to the topic..
there she was.. waiting for the cashier to pack her things up..
i think it'd take hours to pack all her things up because what laid before her were dozens of beers, soft drinks, tidbits, snacks and everything you need for a party..
you name it, she has it..
while waiting for her, i lifted my stuffs up to the "rolling board" or whatever you call it..
when i've finished lifting all the things up, she's gone..
what's left before me was a trolley crammed with all the things that teenager brought to the counter a few moments ago..
then i saw the cashier making a phone call.. in her hands, there was a credit card..
a few minutes later, two security guards arrived..
they asked us to shift our things to the next counter..
i was kindna pissed though..
but we did as we were told..
out of curiosity, i kept myself close to the cashier and the security guards just to find out what was happening..
then i realize that the teenager actually stole the credit card from someone else and exploited it just to satisfy her own desire..
luckily the cashier found out that the owner of the credit card was actually a malay while the one using it was a chinese..
hmm.. isn't the teenager naive to think that she could bluff her way through with that stolen credit card all the time..?
to the cashier.. BRAVO.. you've done a good deed..
and to that teenager.. WAKE UP WILL YOU?!
didn't anyone teach you not to steal things when you were young?!
and please.. don't humiliate yourself and your family doing all those criminal stuffs okay?!
it's such a sad thing isn't it?

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The strange lady..

there she was..
wandering aimlessly at the pavement..
staring blankly into the gloomy sky..
suddenly.. our eyes met in the mirror..
then slowly.. she walked towards us..
and she started mumbling..
what was she trying to tell us..?
not even a clue..
then she smiled..
a grin so innocent like that of a little girl..

in fact.. from the wrinkles on her forehead..
we knew that she's already a mid-aged lady..
this continued for the next few seconds..
honestly.. it's kindna irritating as we were having our supper that time..
suddenly, a hawker came by.. as if he sensed our annoyance..
"go away!" he yelled..
"my customers are having their meal.."

so again.. she walked away at a snail's pace..
shifting her target to another diner..
that instant, only did i realize she was mentally-disabled..
where is her family? where are her relatives?
no one seemed to be concerned about her..
or maybe she just ran away from her house perhaps?
it's almost 12 midnight..
and we were on our way back..
i turned my head, looking through the window of the car in search of that lady..
she was still there.. telling her stories again..
i could sense the frustration from the diner's face..
but she moved on with her tales..

with a naive grin etched on her face..
then.. the car started accelerating..
and her figure slowly faded away..

i wonder why my heart suddenly aches..
but what else can i do except praying for her?

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Home sweet home..

hey guys..
i'm back..
nice to be home again..
just finished the mid-sem test..
well, hate to say that it sucks!
did so many careless mistakes..
really hate myself for being so careless..
but nevermind.. what's done is done..
there's no changing the past right..?

what i havta do is to work harder next time..
havta make full use of the two weeks' holiday catching up the studies
and of course, enjoy my stay at home..
and for you guys still staying in penang..
remember to ask me out whenever y'all wanna go out k..
miss you guys and my sweet hometown so much..
though it's really hazy here nowadays.. :p

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Penang.. here i come..

Guess what..
I'm back! but only for a few days..
such a sudden huh? well.. it's all because of the stupid measles i had..
have to be "quarantined" at home..

hmm.. should i feel depressed as i would miss one week's lesson??
i think i should more or less feel a lil sad..
but hey!! i'm HOME! i can do whatever i like now..
and i don't havta stare at those lecturers for the entire day!!

but what about those assignments??
neh.. let it be! but wait till i go back to the campus..
i'll suffer like hell for sure..

and you know what..

it's the first time for me to take a bus from Pahang to Penang ALONE!
gosh! now only i realize the importance of a company..
'cause wherever i go, i havta keep an eye on my belongings just in case someone would steal it..
hmm.. am i thinking too much?
well.. prevention is better than cure right..
okay.. i havta go right now..
just to get some REST..
hey.. we havta listen to the doctor's advice right?? :p

Friday, May 29, 2009


Gosh! finally i can on9..
it's already my third week in Pahang..

life here is really hectic..
especially during the orientation week..
it was like HELL..
we had to wake up at 4 in the morning..
yet we could only go to sleep at 12 midnight!

waking up as a panda everyday just didn't feel good at all..
after the orientation week, though we can have enough sleep..
our schedule is really packed..

packed with lectures, lessons, tutorials and assignments..
haiz.. how i wish i can have 48 hours per day..
and you know what..
i applied for bio but i got physics instead..!
already tried appealing but it failed..
what the heck?!
hmm.. think positively..

maybe it's not a bad thing after all..
'cause by taking physics, we will have more options after we've graduated right..
okie.. i'll just stop here..
library's gonna close soon..


Sunday, May 10, 2009


Well.. i guess it'll be my last post..
before i go to Pahang..
kindna sad though..
but we havta appreciate the opportunities given to us right..
gonna start my journey now..
so goodbye guys.. *with tears*
wish everyone luck in their future..
i will surely miss you all..
but i think the thing i miss the most..
will be the air-con in my room..
hey.. there won't be any air-con in the hostel!
okay.. i really havta go right now..
take care everyone~~~

Monday, April 27, 2009

An interesting trip~

just came back from thailand..
so exhausted and kindna dizzy right now after boarding the plane..
so i'll just let the photos tell the story..

Day 1:

Departed.. such a nice view huh?

arrived at the Bangkok's airport.. the name? Suvarnabhumi airport.. sounds familiar huh?

Day 2:

reached the botanic resort in Chiang Mai early in the morning..

one of the pupae in the small butterfly farm at the botanic resort..

we're now at the Maesa Elephant Camp..

saw a camera crew filming a thai series or perhaps movie in the elephant camp by coincidence.. cool huh?

the "fifth leg" of the elephant.. wakaka..

believe it or not.. elephants playing football.. wow!!

an elephant painting a nice piece of drawing.. genius!

the monkey show.. such a cute monkey huh? his name is lucky..

the shuang long miao (double dragon temple) in Chiang Mai..

feasting our belly with the emperor's meal in Kantoke Palace..

we enjoyed the performance while dining in the Kantoke Palace..
Day 3:

the highest hotspring in thailand..

gosh! it's really hot in there..

the White Temple in Chiang Rai, Thailand.. beautiful..

the performance of the akhas in the village.. in the past, whenever a female akha reached fifteen, they have to "sacrifice" their virginity to the kamnan (ketua kampung)..

the two sculptures are actually made to avoid the evils..

visited the Long Neck Karen Village.. guess what? the kayans have to wear the brass neck coils on their necks whenever they reached five.. and the brass neck coils are really heavy.. the purpose of wearing the neck rings is cultural identity..

the Golden Triangle..

we're now at Laos.. the immigration office there is just like a small hut..

the welcome drink in Laos.. eww, i didn't even dare to touch it..

we're just a stone's throw away to Myanmar.. it's actually just a river away to reach there.. however, due to the time factor, we didn't manage to go there that time.. *sigh*
Day 4:

guess what.. it's actually a toilet.. nice huh?

the performance of the beluga whale in the Marine Park.. cute..

the fake floating market.. haha!

the "tombstone village".. hehe.. it's actually the scene from the cowboy show.. the sound effects are brilliant..

the Safari World in Thailand.. it's HUGE!

Day 5:
the temple of the Emerald Buddha.. it's really eye-catching huh?

the Chatuchak weekend market.. it's damn hot there.. if i'm not mistaken, it's like 40 degree celcius or maybe higher during the afternoon!

Day 6:
watching the traditional performance..

an elephant riding a bicycle.. charming..

it's a tiger.. and it's a REAL one!! Whoa! can't believe i dare to touch it.. its fur just feels like the dog fur..

an OBESSED orang utan.. aww.. how cute! ^^

Day 7:
after we checked out from the hotel, we went back from Thailand..
that's all i wanna write for today..